Our History

Welcome to B Duncan – a powerhouse of firmware expertise, where innovation thrives and solutions come to life. Our journey began in 2010, with one engineer, Barrie, armed with nothing but a laptop and an insatiable passion for engineering. Little did we know that this humble beginning would pave the way for a remarkable adventure.

From those early days, we attracted challenging projects and like-minded individuals who shared our enthusiasm. These engineers eventually became the cornerstone of our team. What started as a one-man band has blossomed into a thriving company that now calls a spacious two-story Auckland office with a fully equipped lab and testing space, its home.

Over the years, our path has intersected with some of New Zealand’s biggest names and international clients, including Schneider Electric, Fisher and Paykel, Tait Communications, Wellington Drive Technologies, Wahoo Fitness, East West Manufacturing, Masco Corporation, to name a few.

What We Do

At B Duncan, our strengths lie in the world of embedded software and electronics engineering. We specialise in crafting detailed project plans from our clients’ requirements, designing tailored solutions and bringing them to fruition, resulting in dependable and robust products. Our reach extends across a diverse spectrum of industries, from small IOT devices, medium voltage power controllers to washing machines. Our workspace is always abuzz with the sound of innovation – something’s always vibrating, beeping, and getting coded.

We provide support at every stage of a product development cycle from early-stage consulting, R&D, and design to prototyping, testing, and implementation. Our processes are based on industry standards for electronics and software development to provide quality results and efficiently use your time and resources.

Whether you are a large company with your own R&D centre, or a small company looking to invest in developing your own range of products, we can help, providing your company with a huge range of consulting services. By outsourcing your engineering requirements to us, you’ll gain access to the latest equipment required for testing and prototyping, extended human resources, and our broad market knowledge. Join us on our quest to engineer a brighter future, where the possibilities are limitless, and innovation knows no bounds!

Our Approach

We make no assumptions when determining causes, making decisions, and creating solutions. By validating our strategies we ensure their effectiveness and reliability. Informed by meaningful data from repeatable experiments, we make decisions confidently, ensuring that every step is grounded in empirical evidence.


We believe in simplicity. Complex problems are dissected and simplified into manageable components, enabling us to address each aspect systematically and efficiently. Tasks are not started until well defined, so we all understand what’s required. Throughout everything, we make sure our approaches are easy to understand for everyone involved.