Research and Development

Our Research and Development (R&D) services can be used for developing a range of electronic controllers.  In the past our services have been used in a host of industries and we are happy to apply our R&D skills to your sector as required.

Our development services have been used for further expanding the functionality of existing controllers, as well as developing new electronic devices.  There are two main approaches we use when creating a device to meet your requirements – designing custom electronics, or using off-the-shelf modules.  The solution is chosen based on the desired outcome of the device, to keep both manufacturing and developing costs as low as possible, and is heavily influenced by the projected volumes to be manufactured.

Custom Electronics

This is generally the preferred option when developing low cost, high volume products, and provides a competitive advantage using unique solutions that other companies cannot imitate. These products can be designed to contain a range of analogue and digital electronics, using the latest embedded electronic devices and software technologies.

Off-the-shelf modules

This method is generally used when developing low volume controllers, in order to help reduces costs. Cost reduction is achieved by employing already proven concepts to provide a result quickly and as cheaply as possible. This allows us to move past some of the more complex, electronic design aspects required when developing embedded systems, and focus predominantly on solving the issue in software.

A mixture of the two approaches can be useful when developing a solution, often for medium volume manufacturing, gaining advantages on both fronts. We spend a large portion of our time on upfront research, investigation and documentation to ensure that all your requirements are captured and that the solution we arrive at will completely meet your expectations. We also understand that development work must be planned carefully both to keep costs down and to have a timely return on your investment. If you are interested in our R&D services, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


We’re able to provide technical support to your customers and your engineers.


Our consulting services are bespoke, professional and confidential.

Technical Advice

We’re here to help in anyway possible, whether that be working alongside your engineers, start-to-finish development, or design review.

R & D Resources

Experienced engineers are available, with a number of different specialties and backgrounds, providing a thorough and broad understanding of new technology and development requirements.