Electrical Engineering Services

Electric power is arguably the most important secondary source of energy used in our modern society. We are heavily involved in helping utilities and vendors improve the reliability of the ageing power grid, having been involved in the development and maintenance of large power systems for over ten years, gaining experience across a wide range of areas.

Utilities are aware of the significant importance the supply of electricity has on our society, and are constantly taking actions to ensure its continued service reliability, with new technology being developed and deployed to protect and automate the ageing grid infrastructure, keeping the lights on. This new technology is bringing next complexity to an antiquated system, controlling the power grid through software and SCADA, and requiring the integration of IT systems, blurring the division between power electronics and the digital domain.

We provide services to help, to both develop and support new smart grid functionality, in the following areas:

  • Power Analysis – Harmonics, Power Factor correction, etc.
  • Resolving thermal heating issues
  • Electrical Utilities Training – Overhead Protection Equipment
  • Motor control
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Temperature Calibration Certification
  • Consultation on general issues

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