General Consulting Services

Whether you’re developing a new electronic system from the concept stage, improving an existing one, or you simply need an expert to fill in the necessary knowledge gaps for your company, B Duncan LTD can help. We offer a range of general consulting services, with cost-effective, on-site advice and support to meet your requirements.

Our consultants work together with your team, focusing on manufacturing, design or implementation, helping to achieve the best possible outcome based on your requirements. We’re able to assist with keeping the project within scope and provide dynamic feedback to your management throughout our services.

We offer consulting in the fields of Electrical EngineeringElectronic Engineering and Software Engineering.


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We have rigorous and thorough testing standards, and can provide product testing and capability reviews.


We have an extended knowledge of electrical system faults, including harmonic analysis and power quality measurements.


We can provide impartial advice on upgrading your existing systems, such as factory automation, control or protection.


We’ll review your existing systems, including electrical plant and equipment installations, and software and firmware quality.