Software Engineering Services

We provide our clients with complete, detailed and robust software development here at B Duncan, ensuring software quality of the lifetime of the product. Our engineers have an in-depth understanding of advanced real-time software systems which operate continuously, providing years of reliable service. We are able to help resolve existing software issues in existing products, or help develop completely new software systems from the ground up.

Advantages of Software

The implementation of a processor can reduce the cost to both develop and manufacture electronics, reducing complexity by moving functionality into software. This allows the design to be altered after manufacturing has begun by modifying the on-board software as desired. We’ve had experience working with time critical, safety first electronic and software systems, and are familiar with both MISRA and NASA programming standards.

Areas of development could include some of the following aspects:

  • RTOS (Real Time Operating System)
  • Code Design and Optimisation
  • High Level Software Architecture Development
  • Communication protocol development (TCP/IP)
  • Third party design and code review
  • Intellectual Property security and code protection (encryption)
  • Microcontroller, Digital Signal Processors and FPGA development