Electronics Engineering Services

Electronics provide us with a limitless number of solutions to improve the efficiency of our lives, and can be used in many applications, for industrial and commercial products. We specialise in providing solutions for industrial electronics engineering applications, such as process control, automation, and signal/power conversion, and have experience in implementing electronic systems across a wide range of areas.

Product Design

Whether you have an existing product, or are starting from scratch, we’re happy to help you with your electronic engineering requirements, and are able to provide expert consulting on all stages of development, from manufacturing through to final product testing.

Examples of areas we can help include:

  • Digital and analogue electronics design
  • Energy efficiency design
  • PCB thermal imaging
  • Research and Development for EMC emissions compliance
  • Analysis of faults and failure investigations
  • Use of power electronics for reliability, with real time software control
  • Redesign of obsolete electronics
  • Existing design reviews
  • Design for cost reduction
  • Design for manufacturing

Feel free to contact us today and talk about your requirements.